Bermuda Islands

A paradise haven situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda Islands is like a glimpse of heaven.  This subtropical oasis is Imagine a paradise that looks like a shadow of heaven, and the sky. This glorious subtropical paradise is a gateway to escapades comprising of breathtaking islands, pink colored sand beaches, sky-blue waters, and a nurturing wildlife.  Bermuda golf courses are perfect for relaxation and releasing all kinds of day-to-day stress.

Bermuda Islands offers 7 glamorous golf destinations and from the choices of golf vacation packages, you can pick one and then customize it to meet your needs.  Amazingly beautiful golf resorts adorned with lush hills is waiting to be discovered.    Just imagine yourself swinging your first tee against the unpredictable winds of Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda Islands is an oasis perfected with the highest density of golf courses per square mile, overlooking the glorious Atlantic Ocean.  Discover the wonders and beauty of Bermuda Islands with the existing golf vacation packages and feel the warmth of Mother Nature's love for humankind.

Belmont Hills Golf Club

A semi-private golf resort, Belmont Hills Golf Club provides a hard-to-please round of golf on pure, intensively bunkered, multi-layered U.S.G.A. greens overlooking the breathtaking turquoise colored sea. Belmont Hills was professionally designed by course designer Algie M. Pulley Jr. way back in 2002. Out of the mostly featureless area, this experienced Californian architect was able to create a topography that would really test the golfer’s shot-making abilities.
Artificial ponds balance the spectacular billowing scenery and lot of trees have been planted and relocated to define the pathways and to increment safety in the area.

Fairmont Southampton Golf Course

Another one of the breathtaking golf destinations, Fairmont Southampton Golf Course was designed to take your golf experience to another level of excitement.  The Fairmont Southampton Golf Course boasts 18 ambitious par-3 holes. Taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings and dramatic elevation changes, This 2,684-yard course pushes careful club selection, with wind a definite factor, through the attractive surroundings and stunning elevation change.  Having been chosen by 2002 Golf Digest as one of the best places to play golf, Fairmont Southampton is one of the highly recommended golf vacation packages.

Mid Ocean Golf Club

Successfully completed despite layout and construction difficulties, Mid Ocean Golf Club was one of acclaimed golf architect Charles Blair Macdonald's greatest accomplishments.  Among the 7 Bermuda Island's golf destinations, this is a unique golf resort because it was founded based on bravery, strong belief, camaraderie, and the love for golf.  From the different number of golf courses that Macdonald has crafted, this is the one of his best creations, which made him boast of the “beauty, charm and excellence of the links.”

Now, the golf course remains to be breathtaking as it was on the day that it was completed.  In the 1980's, a few improvements were implemented on the course and the clubhouse was even entirely revamped to further intensify its solace and perfection.  The unfaltering loyalty of its members remains the same as the day the club came to be. This is the legacy of the Mid Ocean Club that will never fade.

Ocean View Golf Club

This is one of Bermuda Island's premiere golf courses. Rated with a four-star by Golf Digest, Ocean View Golf Club provides a lesson in the game's imperishable decoy and Bermuda's unaltered appeal. Enjoy the tranquility as you make your first tee on a clear sub-tropical day. Friendly sea breezes will guide your way quietly to play along with you for a round or two at Bermuda's first class nine-hole golf course.

Port Royal Golf Club

One of Architect Robert Trent Jones Sr.'s finest designs, Port Royal is also considered as Bermuda's valuable asset.  This 37 years old golf course has undergone a complete makeover.  The planned improvements were suited to the Ministry of Tourism's declared policy of upgrading Bermuda as a Golf and Spa Resort.  The renovation's purpose was to enhance the course's playability.  From its original 6561 yards, it was expanded to 6757 yards.
Port Royal, being one of the prestigious golf courses in Bermuda, underwent a few changes as far as design was concerned aside from the two holes number 12 and 14 which was changed to a par 4 and par 3 respectively.  The golf club is open to both locals and tourists.

Riddell's Bay Golf Club

Situated towards the mid to Hesperian part of island in Warwick, Riddell's Bay Golf & Country Club is the oldest among all golf courses in Bermuda. It was 1922 when the golf course opened and after a while, it was able to develop a kind of charm that makes a lot of guests return to the club. Even though Riddell's Bay is a private club, guests are still welcome to visit the island.

Riddell's Bay will give you an ultimately private and Bermudian golf experience.

Tucker’s Point Golf Club

Tucker’s Point Golf Club was cited among the top three of the “Best Golf Resort and Best Restaurants in the Caribbean.” It features the Golf Clubhouse which serves as the centerpiece of the private club. It has the Grille Room and Lounge, Board Room and Dining Room, golf Pro Shop, locker rooms as well as the ladies’ lounge.

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